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Translation Volunteers

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Dear Visitor,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help translate portions of the Christian Answers Network Web site. Your help will be greatly appreciated! The Christian Answers Network is a nonprofit ministry made possible by the volunteer help from hundreds of concerned Christians. Volunteer translators are currently needed for every language that we support (click here for complete list). We also need translators for Arabic.

Through the the Lord's blessing, the ChristianAnswers.Net has become a mega-site with thousands of pages, millions of hits per week, and an extraordinary number of visitors from almost every nation on Earth. Due to its emphasis on accuracy, quality, team work, and a servant's heart, this ministry has been greatly appreciated by other Christian ministries and leaders. Thousands of other Web sites recommend the Christian Answers Network to their visitors. Visitors express their enthusiastic appreciation daily.

Far more importantly, people of all ages are being won to the Lord and great numbers of Christians are being helped in many ways throughout the world. People are rededicating their lives to serving Christ.

If you would like to volunteer to help in this ministry, complete the form below and read the rest of this page.

Thank you! We know that God will bless your efforts.

In Christ,

Paul S. Taylor is the director ChristianAnswers.Net and Kid Explorers
Paul S. Taylor
Executive Director

Contents of this page (below):

STEP 1—Requirements

  1. Good translation skills—You certainly do not need to be a professional translator (few of our volunteers are). However, you need to be capable of doing a good, accurate job of translation.

  2. E-mail—You must have access to an e-mail account so that you can e-mail translations to us, and so that we can correspond with easily.

  3. Computer access—You will need a computer to do the translation work on. It would be best if this same computer has access to the Internet to download Web pages, can send e-mail and uses Windows 98 or higher.

  4. Web browserMozilla Firefox (latest version) or Microsoft Internet Explorer (latest version)—both available free on-line

  5. English equipped—You will always be translating FROM English into another language, so you must be able to properly view our English pages. If you can read this page, then you are setup properly.

  6. Appropriate font—If the language that you will be translating TO requires a non-Western European character set (not compatible with English), then the other font you use must be same one we use for that particular language (or at least fully compatible). The fonts that we use can be downloaded for free at Windows Update—in the “Product Updates”—“INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE SUPPORT” section. For example, if you are translating from English to Japanese, you need to install and use the “Japanese Language Support” font. Most of our visitors will be using these same free Microsoft fonts.

STEP 2—Application form

To officially volunteer, you must write us a brief note (below), telling us about yourself. (All information will be kept strictly confidential.) Please complete the following and then click the PREVIEW button below.

Languages I can translate:

My E-MAIL address:

My name:

Organization (if any):

My faith:

Nation where I live:

My mailing address:

My age:

My gender: Male Female

My phone:

My qualifications to do translation:

My education (brief summary):

My Web site (if any):

My Christian background. (How long have you been a Christian? How did you become one? Church you attend? Briefly trace your spiritual journey.

Explain why you want to be a volunteer translator:

Other comments (if any):

STEP 3—Goals

The ultimate goal is to translate almost everything that is in the English-language version of the ChristianAnswers.Net site. The list below includes some of the general priority pages.

Some of the items listed may already be translated into the language you are helping with. Be sure to check the home page for the language you are helping with (if available). (See our languages list.)

Highest Priority

Gospel presentations

Other pages

Questions & Answers (we have thousands of them)

Kid Explorers: Coloring Book

STEP 4—Double-check your work

Promotion volunteers needed

If you are familiar enough with the Internet to be able to submit our translation pages to various search engines, please let us know. We need your help! This will help more people see your work and these important pages in their language. [ ]

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