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Form content updated: March 27, 2018

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Content to include in your review

At least two paragraphs of plot summary with a few interesting details. BUT don’t rehash or give-away the whole storyline.

Mention any content that may offend some, regardless of whether or not it offended you. It is all too easy to become jaded and numb to worldliness and sin.

You are not writing for people who are all just like you and your friends. Your audience here is diverse—coming from many differing nations and cultures. Yes, they are all just people, and equally need truth and light. But, readers have VARIED MATURITY LEVELS and greater or lesser levels of innocence or tolerance.

Be wise about differing SENSITIVITIES to issues such as violence, profane use of our Lord’s name, nudity, temptations of the eye, vulgarity, sexuality, sensuality, holiness, purity, world attitudes and behavior, criminal behavior, murder, torture, etc.

Take care in what you say or recommend. There is no escaping the fact that your review will be seen by many as representative of Christians and Christianity. This is CHRISTIAN Answers and Christian Spotlight.

A great many people are clueless or deceived about many important life issues. Turn your readers’ attention to issues more important than just entertainment. You’ve got their attention; don’t fail to use it. Plant the seeds of the Gospel, accurate biblical knowledge and godly wisdom.

Lovingingly expose souls to God’s Word—“it shall not return… void.”

Point out content or behavior that contradicts or enhances understanding of God’s commands and desires for all people. See: Examples

Summarize your feelings as a follower of Christ about this movie. Humbly provide your “bottom line” summary.

Text of your review

IMPORTANT: The following scores must be based on UNJADED OBSERVATION, COMMON SENSE AND ACCURACYNOT based on personal standards or feelings (which all vary widely)—NOT based on comparison to other films—NEVER based on how the film feels to you relative to what you are accustomed to viewing… or tolerating… or tuning out. This score is not supposed to be about you at all, but rather the simple facts about this film on each issue.

How much violence:
Profane language:
misuse of God’s names and words and phrases with eternally serious weight
Vulgar or crude language:
F-word = Heavy


Moral Rating:
Do NOT score from any WORLDLY viewpoint. This score must be based only on what a true, sensitive, Bible-believing follower of Christ would (or should) say in evaluating ALL of the film’s content.
Extremely Offensive
Very Offensive
Average = somewhat offensive

Almost all Hollywood films are AT LEAST somewhat offensive to a sensitive, discerning follower of Christ. At the very least, they ignore the reality and identity of God, mankind’s wicked condition, the destination to which unsaved sinners are doomed, and the great relevance (and accuracy) of God’s Word to personal and world problems.

Better than Average = only slightly objectionable
Good = good morals, clean and NOTHING offensive to God, AND the film is seriously likely to produce truly GOOD FRUIT, from God’s perspective
Very Good —This is reserved for Godly films, that don’t fully qualify for the next level.
Excellent!CAREFUL: Christian Spotlight’s definition of “Excellent!” is stringent…
NOTE: When a reviewer scores any SECULAR film as “Excellent,” the Editor will either assume they have accidentally marked the wrong box, or that their current level of Biblical knowledge and Christian discernment is inadequate to this task. Understand that even many Christian-produced films fail to qualify for this high score.
  • Shares the Word of God, not just human wisdom
  • Totally Biblically and theologically ACCURATE, with no known inconsistencies
  • Filled with TRUTH—no apparent factual errors, no misrepresentation, no misleading, no deceit, not doubtful
  • Promotes nothing remotely sinful, wrong or dangerous
  • The film is not merely inoffensive, nice or has some good things about it. Excellent means it is ACTIVELY good and righteous, and purposely promotes proper respect for God and His Word—and supplies accurate information about them.
  • No wrong attitudes or motives appparent or suspected on the part of the film’s writers and producers
  • No Godly concerns about what the film says or implies—or what it could produce in some viewers’ minds and hearts
  • It actively promotes what Jesus Christ wants us to say and do.
  • It is clearly working, not for just some “good cause,” but for the only real and true Kingdom of God—not some other purpose or counterfeit.

Moviemaking Quality:
relative to its genre and ignoring moral issues

CAUTION: As kind, loving Christians, many of our reviewers have been very generous to the filmmakers with this score. However, we need ACCURATE, not generous. If virtually every film you review is scored ABOVE average, you either are somehow confused about what the word AVERAGE actually means—or you are greatly blessed to be only reviewing the true cream of the crop.

Relevant considerations for this score: technical & artistic quality, writing skill, directing, acting, photography, music, effects, costumes, annoyances, and pleasures.

Primary audience:
For what age level is this film MAINLY best suited? Is it a kids’ film? Teen film?

Length of movie:
required if we have not already discovered and published the length