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What’s your decision?

If you have decided to follow Jesus Christ, go tell someone! Please start with us. We have been praying that you and others would make this all-important decision. It would be an encouragement and blessing to hear from you. We will send a quick response by e-mail that provides some suggestions on what to do next. And we will pray for you. (Don’t be concerned, we will NEVER add your e-mail address to any list or publish it on-line. You will NOT be asked for money or anything else.)

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I just now prayed and received eternal life through Jesus Christ as a result of The HOPE video Web site.

I prayed for salvation after watching The HOPE presentation, but am still unsure of eternal life. (Suggestion: Read our on-line answers to frequently-asked-questions on this subject)

I am already a follower of Jesus Christ.

I am already a follower of Jesus Christ, but I have just now rededicated my life to Him after watching The HOPE presentation on your Web site. (Suggestion: Pray to Jesus, confessing your sins. Repent. Ask for His help in living a life worthy of Him from this day forward.)

I’m not ready yet to make the decision to follow Jesus Christ. But I am interested in learning more. Please contact me discretely by e-mail to discuss my questions or concerns.

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