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At least two paragraphs of plot summary with a few interesting details. BUT don’t rehash or give-away the whole storyline.

Mention any content that may offend some, regardless of whether or not it offended you. It is all too easy to become jaded and numb to worldliness and sin.

You are not writing for people who are all just like you and your friends. Your audience here is diverse—coming from many differing nations and cultures. Yes, they are all just people, and equally need truth and light. But, readers have VARIED MATURITY LEVELS and greater or lesser levels of innocence. Be wise about differing SENSITIVITIES to issues such as violence, profane use of our Lord’s name, nudity, temptations of the eye, vulgarity, sexuality, sensuality, holiness, purity, criminal behavior, etc.

Take care in what you say or recommend. There is no escaping the fact that your review will be seen by many as representative of Christians and Christianity. This is CHRISTIAN Answers and Christian Spotlight.

A great many people are clueless or deceived about many important life issues. Turn your readers’ attention to issues more important thank entertainment. You’ve got their attention; don’t fail to use it. Plant the seeds of the Gospel, accurate biblical knowledge and godly wisdom.

Lovingingly expose souls to God’s Word—“it shall not return… void.”

Point out content or behavior that contradicts or enhances understanding of God’s commands and desires for all people. See: Examples

Summarize your personal feelings as a follower of Christ about this movie. Humbly provide your “bottom line” warnings and/or recommendations.

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Moral Rating:
based on moral commendability and a Biblical worldview
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Average = somewhat offensive
Better than Average = only slightly objectionable
Good = good morals, clean and NOTHING Biblically offensive
Excellent! = totally Biblically accurate and actively promotes Christ’s work and values
➤ Secular films virtually never qualify for “Excellent”—not even all Christian-produced films
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Consider quality of writing, directing, acting, photography, music, effects, etc. Rate based on technical & artistic quality—NOT moral or biblical issues.

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