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Form for submission of FULL-LENGTH movie reviews

Are you using the right form?

This form is ONLY for use by Christian Spotlight approved Christian reviewers submitting FULL-LENGTH REVIEWS of films that we have not yet reviewed. Before using this form, you must receive an assignment for the movie. This is NOT the form for submitting general COMMENTS AND OPINIONS about a film. For that, please use the COMMENTS FORM.

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Review Requirements

Has the movie already been reviewed by Christian Spotlight™?

Check our CURRENT NEEDS LIST and request an assignment. Wait for our response by e-mail.

If the movie is older, check our alphabetical index or search engine to see if we have already published a review.

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Reviewer qualifications and important information

For new releases, time is of the essence. If you cannot preview the movie before release, then view the film as soon as it opens in theaters (preferably on the first day).

  1. You must be at least 18 years old (younger viewers are welcome to submit comments for publication - go to comments form).
  2. You must be a follower of Jesus Christ and in basic agreement with our short statement of faith.

If your submission is chosen for publication, you receive:

  1. The pleasure of having your movie review published on this very high profile site where millions of readers will see your work—complete with your name. Your review may also be published at no charge in various Christian newspapers and magazines throughout the world, helping even more readers.
  2. The personal satisfaction of participating in a ministry of helping fellow Christians make better informed movie viewing decisions and helping attract souls to deeper spiritual issues.

The publisher of Christian Spotlight™ reserves the right to:

  1. Reject any submitted review without contacting the reviewer
  2. Edit review content in areas of grammar, spelling, and content.
  3. Adjust the published Moral Rating and Quality Rating for consistency.

All published reviews become the copyrighted property of Christian Spotlight™ (Films for Christ™). Our publications and ministry are non-profit.

Your Review

Film Title:
choose the level that most closely matches this film
Moral Rating:
based on moral commendability and a Biblical worldview
Extremely Offensive
Very Offensive
Average = somewhat offensive
Better than Average = only slightly objectionable
Good = good morals, clean and NOTHING Biblically offensive
Excellent! = totally Biblically accurate and actively promotes Christ’s work and values (NOTE: Secular films virtually never qualify for this rating—not even all Christian-produced films qualify)
“Moviemaking Quality” for its genre:
Consider quality of writing, directing, acting, photography, music, effects, etc. Rate based on technical & artistic quality—NOT moral or biblical issues.
Primary audience:
audience for which this movie seems intended (as many as apply)
only required if we have not already published the length

NOTE: You can copy-and-paste to the review field from most text editing programs, however some formatting will be lost, unless you include HTML coding. Check the result in our preview page for this form. It will display your review formatting correctly, IF you have included proper, nested HTML codes.

If you do not use HTML <p>paragraph</p> codes, don’t be concerned when your paragraph formatting disappears in the preview window. It will transmit as you typed it, and the editor of Christian Spotlight™ will check and insert missing formatting code before publication.

You may include italics, bold text and most other relevant code in this field using HTML and Unicode compatible characters.
click here for code examples

Content to include in your review:

At least two paragraphs of plot summary with a few interesting details. BUT don't rehash or give-away the whole storyline. Avoid spoilers, unless it seems absolutely necessary.

Mention any content that may offend some Christians or parents, regardless of whether or not it offended you. Remember, we have a worldwide audience. Readers have various maturity levels and come from cultures with differing sensitivity to such things as profane use of the Lord's name, holiness, temptations of the eye, vulgarity, misuse of sex, violence, etc.

Turn the reader's attention to spiritual issues. Help us use your review to attract people to spiritual growth and a closer life with Christ. Because our reviewers do this, these reviews are frequently the starting point for people coming to Christ or rededicating their lives. Point out content that can be compared to the Bible's instructions—e.g., misuse of sex, violence, fear, worry, love, adultery, eternal salvation, etc.

Summarize your feelings about this movie. Provide your “bottom line” warnings and/or recommendations.

Note: Most verbs referring to the movie should be in PRESENT TENSE, not past, as the movie exists in the present.

Formatting/coding example using curly quotes, bold, italics, and special characters:
<p>Here is a formatted paragraph in which I mention some movies: Film One, Film Two, and Film Three. I also want to <i>emphasize</i> something that is <b>important</b> and not a cliché, as well quoting a character who says, “…something admittedly risqué’.”</p> [You may copy-and-paste characters from this.]

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