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For advice about your sexual addiction (males only)

Man at computer. Photo copyrighted.We do not solicit requests for personal advice. We are a filmmaking and mass communications ministry, not a counseling or health organization. However, since people often send us requests for advice, we provide this form to organize and channel such requests in a helpful direction. If your question does not require a personal reply, please use our Questions Database Form instead.

Use this form only if you are male and are requesting advice about your sexual addiction. If your primary issue involves one of the following topics, click on it for the correct submission form (otherwise continue):

Time permitting, we will forward your message to a mature follower of Christ outside our organization (not a professional counselor or physician) for private reply by e-mail. We trust they will provide you with loving, biblical advice. We ask that all communications remain CONFIDENTIAL and discreet.

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For further information on sexual addictions, see our Sex, Love and Relationships site, including the personal stories section.

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